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"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them yourself."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Where should you focus to unleash sales performance?

Sales and other executive leaders have no shortage of ideas for what they need to do to improve sales. With so many options—people, structure, process, compensation, management, training—it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what to do to raise the bar on performance.

Redfern Sales and Consulting can help you determine which paths will lead to significant increases in sales performance. You will work directly with Mac Redfern, who knows the ins and outs of your industry, and who will work with you to uncover the changes you need to make to see dramatic sales improvement. Then, he will help you move from recommendations to action and change.

Our sales consulting services include five areas of expertise. Call Mac today for a free consultation.

Sales Team Training

The primary focus of Mac Redfern's sales training is based on "need satisfaction selling" which focuses on relating the benefits of the seller's products or services to the buyer's particular situation. In addition, the most effective sales training takes into account the following areas: 

  • Changing behaviors. Coaching and support from first-line sales managers is critical for driving behavioral change. 
  • Support from senior leaders. It is not enough to develop the desired sales skills. A work culture that drives and supports top sales performance is also needed.
  • Motivation. Sellers' behaviors will not change without motivation. Sales motivation goes beyond compensation. 
  • Creating Value. Sales training needs to identify the value proposition to your buyers. For the most successful sales and sales training, and to achieve and maintain top performance, value needs to be the core focus.

Sales Management Training

What type of training is required for a sales manager? 

Effective sales training points out the importance of functions such as tracking daily activities, keeping accurate records and analyzing closing ratios. This information can help the salesperson better manage their time, increase organization and determine areas that need improving.  

Mac Redfern is an expert at developing strategies for developing a successful sales team. He focuses on the following three key areas:

  1. Defining your target market.
  2. Creating a scalable sales process.
  3. Building training, coaching. hiring and on-boarding programs to help you sales team grow.

Sales Strategy

Are you looking for a sales strategy which enables your team to position your company's products and target customers in a meaningful way? Mac Redfern incorporates the following steps in creating a sales strategy:

  • Assess where you have been and where you want to go
  • Create a ideal customer profile
  • Complete a SWOT analysis
  • Set a clear market strategy, revenue goals, and communication plan
  • Identify success metrics

Create an Advisory Boards

There is more to gain from a board of advisors than advice. It is a sounding board and a network of professional support. The function of an advisory board is to offer assistance to business owners with marketing, human resources, to creating a long range strategy for the organization. Advisory boards provide non-biased information and advise to the business owner.

Contact Mac today to see if creating an advisory board would be a advantageous for your organization.

Special Events

Do you need assistance planning your next corporate event or team-building activity?

If anyone knows how to prepare and execute an enjoyable corporate experience for your friends and associates...it's Mac Redfern.

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"Mac Redfern was one of the best peddlers I ever met...I believe he could sell a broken freezer in the Arctic Circle...When he worked for me, his division's results were always the most stable...He kept one of the lowest inventories while growing sales every year...He was also instrumental in the development of our key corporate customers like Veritiv and Sysco...Whenever I had an issue or concern, I would look to Mac for advice."

Carl Allen
President & CEO Allen Explorations 
Past owner of Heritage Bag Company   

"...my office staff commented to me that they came out of the training with a great amount of enthusiasm and in September, my company had double digit sales increases...The increase was the largest percentage change we had for the year...The only thing we did differently, in September, was to have Mac come and make his presentation...I would highly recommend Mac for the training of  sales skills and principles for any company in our industry."

   Thad Ellington 
Owner of PFS Sales Company 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is sales training needed?

Sales training enhances the person-to-person connection which is necessary to gain loyal consumers. ... Communication skills are essential in sales because salespeople must ensure that customers understand the products and services offered.

What are the objectives of sales training?

One objective of sales training is to provide trainees with the necessary skills so their selling performance makes a positive contribution to the firm.

What is a sales strategy?

A sales strategy is a plan by a business or individual on how to go about selling products and services and increasing profits. Sales strategies are typically developed by a company's administration, along with its sales, marketing and advertising managers.    

What are the benefits of sales training?

Investing in your sales teams' sales training is a fantastic way to improve their knowledge, productivity and sales skills, leading to increased sales in the long-term and a happier team of staff. It is an extremely cost efficient way of improving your team's results.

Why does sales training fail?

Here are 7 reasons why sales training fails:

1- Failure to define business / learning needs.

2- Failure to build a sales knowledgebase.

3- Failure to assess each individuals' strengths and weaknesses.

4- Failure to implement sales processes and methodologies after the training is complete.

5- Failure to deliver training that engages the audience.

6- Failure to reinforce the training and see true change in peoples actions.

7- Failure to close the sale.

 What type of training is required for a sales manager? 

Effective sales training points out the importance of functions such as tracking daily activities, keeping accurate records and analyzing closing ratios. This information can help the salesperson better manage their time, increase organization and determine areas that need improving.

About Mac Redfern

Seasoned Sales Executive

Mac has 40+ years of experience in the Janitorial / Foodservice industry. His expertise includes managing relationships on national, corporate and the local level with both distributors and purchasing organizations.

  • Heritage Bag: Vice President of Sales Southeast (15 years).
  • Scott Paper: Southern Region Foodservice Sales Manager (10 years).
  • Hoffmaster: Territory Manager (4 years); Director of Sales (9 years).
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Products: Sales Representative (4 years)
  • Southern Region Sales Trainer (1 year).

Trusted Advisor

Now retired from day-to-day selling, Mac felt a need to share his knowledge and give back to the industry where he spent the majority of his career and forged so many of his life-long friendships. In addition, he wants to share his strategies in dealing with on-line retailers, such as, Staples, Uline and Amazon. He is a firm believer that you can offset their advantage in product selection and next day delivery by providing exceptional sales support and customer service to clients.

Customer Centric Approach

His focus on a positive customer experience drove him to create the Professional Selling Skills course. This introductory course provides the foundation that sales organizations need to differentiate themselves in today’s competitive marketplace.

Contact Mac Redfern

You are not going to hit a ridiculously long phone menu when you call Mac. Your email is not going to go into the email abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. At Redfern Sales and Consulting, we provide the exceptional service that we want to experience ourselves.